Bas, thank you very much for answering a few questions for our Pumpkin-magazine! You will play for the first time at Pumpkin this Halloween. What did you hear about the event?

Hi guys! First of all, thank you for having me on the event and for this interview.
I'm excited to finally play at Pumpkin for the first time.
Every year I saw a lot of awesome videos of previous editions from my Gearbox colleagues and other DJs, I have to admit I always was a bit jealous not to be playing there myself haha!

The location is special to me as well, as my first time playing at Turbinehalle in 2017 made me realize in which direction I wanted to take my music. I'm looking forward to be back!


What would you do to have “the time of your life”?

It may sound cliché, but there really is no feeling like playing for such dedicated crowds and sharing my passion and love for this music with others.
There is nothing I rather do than producing music and giving all my energy at every single show.

Other than, that I also love travelling, working out and catching up or partying at festivals with friends!


You will play at the Gearbox-stage on Halloween, what makes this Gearbox-family special?

One of the reasons why Gearbox has such a unique feeling is because most of us were picked up by the label when we had no recognition or other people who believed in us.
We were a bunch of misfits and loose cannons. The production quality left a lot to be desired and there was so much for us to learn in every single aspect of the job.
But we are incredibly passionate about what we do and somehow people started picking up on that.

It's also the close relationship with our fanbase that makes it feel so special.
There's always so many familiar faces, it often feels more like a group of friends than the traditional relationship between artist and 'fans'.

I love that and it gives me a lot of motivation to keep doing what I do.


Recently you released your album “My Way”. What does it stand for – which tracks do you like most?

The first thing you should know, is that I've worked on this album for about 1,5 years. The vocal and melody from the title track actually date back to 2015.
Making this album has been a very challenging process and in this time I feel like I've made a lot of growth - both musically and personally.

All of this growth, experience, and emotion have translated back to this album. There's a lot of story and personal value behind it - even the harder, more dancefloor-oriented tracks.

The fact that it's all so personal also makes it very hard for me to pick a favorite haha, but I have to say the response on 'Time Of Your Life' and 'Loud Noises' has put them in a special light for me.
These tracks are fan-favorites, and all that energy from the crowds has definitely infected me!


You remixed the song “500 PS” by RAF Camora & Bonez MC – how did you come up with the idea?

I've had these periods where I actually played in Germany more often than I did in the Netherlands. These bookings are always so great and I often feel a special connection with the German fans.
So I wanted to do something special for them, but wasn't sure what to do.

Through a friend I heard a song by '187 Stassenbande' and it got me thinking, maybe I should remix a German song. 
So I dug a little deeper into the members of the 187 group and found out that Bonez MC had a #1-hit in Germany with RAF Camora; 500 PS.

I got inspired by the chords of the track immediately and the remix was finished a couple of hours later!