Anne and David, thank you very much for answering a few questions for our Pumpkin-magazine! You will play for the first time at Pumpkin this Halloween. What did you hear about the event?

We are so looking forward to delivering our beats at Pumpkin. For some years we have heard so many good things about this event and all the supporters to the harder sounds that go there. We were so happy when we realized that we would finally be able to perform there and also on this special date, which is Halloween! We are preparing a special set with some own productions and crazy samples and sounds to all Hard Technofighters that will be there! Will be epic!


In 2016 you founded your Techno-project “Resistohr” – are you satisfied with the last three years?

We decided to start Resistohr as a side project because we are avid music lovers and collectors, and our low BPM techno collection was growing quite well since around 2013. The Resistohr’s sound is very powerful, dark and dense, but we could not play it as PETDuo because the BPM range is way less than our well known Hard Techno act, hence we decided for a second project to present this other type of techno we also love very much and also we want to avoid any confusion amongst our die-hard fans. We are quite satisfied with the results and feedback we have with Resistohr. We had a chance to play already at many nice clubs and events, in Europe, South America and Japan. We also have already released many tracks on great labels, such as Dolma, Dcrypted , Hydraulix, Himmel, and Rewasted and we also launched our own label, called PHONK! Recs. We are techno newcomers, but with over 22 years of DJing experience! That’s a lot of fun!


You sell your official PetDuo-Merchandise – how can you describe the feeling to see fans wearing your merchandise?

We are so happy when we see someone wearing any of our Merch, because all the designs are created by us. It is a special feeling since we think a lot about what we will present to our fans, we research what they might like or identify themselves, and we execute the designs with lots of love and care. We can say that when someone buys and wears any of our Merch, they are getting a part of us, and this is something we are very grateful about.


What can our visitors expect from your show?

A high energy precisely executed 4 (or 6) deck and 2 mixers Hard Techno set. Think of fast and powerful beats, fast cuts and DJ’s tricks, unexpected samples and sounds, spiced up with some smart effects at the right times. And of course, lots of fun!!


Next to your music projects you are also a married couple – what kind of effects does that have for your private- and working life?

We are very blessed and lucky that both of us have the same crazy passion for music! We have a quite similar musical taste for electronic music, but we do have some very distinct music background. Since we know each other very well, normally we complement each other’s music challenges and work with our individual tastes and abilities, even though we produce and create only Techno and Hard Techno. We have a very organized weekly routine, we have our days scheduled in chunks dedicated to learning, producing, finding new music, graphics and so on. We are not all the time together since we have our pro studio outside our home, but our office and decks are at home. So we tend to divide the tasks involved in our music work, some parts David does better and faster than Anne, and the other way around. And by the end, we complement each other. The key is always to listen to what the other has to say, be open to ideas and think outside the box and have a common goal that we both work to, which is to make and play amazing music that connects people and make them fly with our sound!