Hi Alexander, how are you?

Excellent, thank you! 


Thanks for talking to us about being the chosen one to do the anthem! Could you share with us your first reaction when you heard you were picked?

Of course it's a huge privilege to have such a chance. Shortly lots of ideas begin to run through my head. I really love to make thematic tracks, so this is perfect. I also dropped my cornflakes when I heard it ;-).. 


It surely is a banger of a track. Which kind of JNXD signature is in the anthem?

A thematic touch, a touch of raw but definitely depth and drive. Drive combined with emotional and deep vibes. But kicks and phat synths, too! 


Music wise you are doing great. The ‘Times Getting Hard’ Remix you did for COONE is still rocking mainstages all over the world. What’s next?  

Of course, I cannot show all my cards, but there's a lot coming. Huge collaborations, higher BPM tracks. And if everything goes as plan... JNXD live!


You are a creative producer yourself too, you uploaded some earie and scary trailers about becoming JNXD in the past. What is it about the mysterious and wicked that excites you?

Somehow dark fairytail themed films and audio always grasped my preference. I just love the way film scores are made, the huge buildups and the super hero vibe feeling, just fits hardstyle to perfect. It's so much alike..


So, this is your first time playing at Pumpkin Festival what can we expect from your set?

Im gonna fuck shit up as I always do, but I will prepare alot more dark music this time. I'm gonna play harder, darker and more diverse. Expect a lot of new and sick stuff! I'm gonna make sure it will be a night to remember.. Winter is coming ;). 


Finally, if you would be a doctor, what kind of one would you be?

A: The one that creates Frankenstein

B: The one who would say to a patient: ‘Sorry you won’t make it another week – just kidding – or maybe not.’

Hahaha. I think both, definitely the crazy scientist. But also with a little sarcasm. Let's keep it on a funny frankenstein :p. But if I need to choose, A!