Beau, thank you very much for answering a few questions for our Pumpkin-magazine! You will play for the first time at Pumpkin, which you’ve already visited as guest. How did you like the event?

No thanks, with love!

Yes I have visited the event before and it's in my opinion an insane indoor festival with the best harderstylez artists at the moment. Also the location is more than perfect for visitors... Big, insane stages with heavy sound systems, a lot of different ways to walk into this building so if you prefer to walk a lot on a party? Have fun! You can. Even there is an aircastel. So if you wanna be a crazy princess on *** for a night? Also have fun! You can be one. In my eyes it's a insane candy store for dedicated gabbers.


In October you will release your next album after the success with “My Turn” – what can we expect?

'My turn' was a success. But the new album 'No brakes' is going to rock it even more for sure. I have put so many hours of studio work in this album, but not only hours... I decided to do a new album, because I needed to express my feelings in my music again after a hard period in life. So expect tracks with great artists which I love to work with and of course my MC Starrlight. She also did the lyrics of 'My turn' and on the new album this team is going to bring you fire.


You hold the record of most views on an online DJ-set – what does that mean to you?

This means everything to me. When I played at the first time for Hardcore radio nobody did knew me. A gabber which I met at a party did that night the radio hosting. A DJ which he invited couldn't make it in time to play his set. So he called me. I was at work (Old little music store) but they knew at my work that I wanted to be a DJ/producer and did everything for it. So they gave me the day off. I went directly (without checking what my set was going to be) to Hardcore Radio studio because I was in a rush to make it. When I arrived with a friend of mine, DJ Distortion of Rotterdam Terror Corps & the radio asked my friend 'how late are you gonna play'? When I said directly 'I'm gonna play tonight!' He did not expect that, because not that much girls are playing. After the set it went CRAZYYYY, I couldn't believe what happened. Still today, it's the biggest record of every hardcore online stream. After my set people knew me and I was getting signed by Rige Entertainment. So Hardcore radio is a special place in my heart.


On the 31st of October, why should the Pumpkin-visitor enjoy your set?

Because I enjoy myself while playing. And that’s the code to bring an insane set. Feel the energy I bring you all, that's enough to lose your ******* mind.


Your social media is highly frequented – how important do you think are such media today for the music-business?

It's really important. You just need to do this, people worldwide can follow your music and career which I think it's a beautiful thing. Also for me a big point is to be in good contact with my support & I can share how it's going also in real life beside to only being a DJ/producer and that's great. But to all the support, much love and we make this BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE!