You are travelling around the world – do you take the time to enjoy foreign countries and cultures?

I definitely love to explore a bit more of other countries I visit for bookings. In practice unfortunately this isn’t always possible. I mostly get to see airports and hotels. But when I get the chance and have the time I really like to go out and experience some of the environment and local culture.


Do people celebrate differently to your music in other countries?

Yes, sometimes people in other countries respond differently to my music. You can tell in some countries people don’t get to visit Hardstyle parties that often so when they do go they really go crazy on the music. 


Your social media is highly frequented – how important do you think are such media today for the music business?

I think social media is very important nowadays. Social media has made the world a lot smaller and has given artists the tools to spread their music across the digital world we nowadays live in.

I also see it as an easy way to stay connected to the fans and as a way to promote yourself as an artist.


You announced an upcoming album – what news can you tell us?

At the beginning of this year I announced an album. It's not like a traditional album but more like an EP series. It's my story divided over 3 EP's to tell about my journey over the last couple of years. I recently released the third and final EP of the album and I’m really happy with the positive response I got so far.


How it’s going on with your Label “Bring The Riot”?

This final EP is the closing of a chapter and it is the final release at my own label ‘Bring The Riot’. At this moment I can’t share too much about the following steps in my career but at the moment I’m working very hard on new tracks which I hope to share with you all very soon!