Da Tweekaz

Da Tweekaz

Dear Kenth and Marcus, thank you very much for answering a few questions for our Pumpkin-magazine! This Halloween you will play the fifth time in a row at Pumpkin – what makes the event special for you?

It's a pleasure! We love performing at Pumpkin. It's kind of like "coming home", but then in Germany :) The atmosphere is always electric and because of the theme regarding Halloween, it's always a little special.


Next to Wodka, Tequila and Jägermeister – which drink do you like as well? Maybe a new songproduction for the future?

Well, we're still strongly sticking to these drinks! We also made a track called "Piscola" which is a very popular drink in Chile. It was a free release a good while back, but just so you know.

Also, we enjoy a little bit of Champagne and beer, of course. But - not exactly a good idea for a song production, don't you think?


This year you played at the Mainstage of Tomorrowland – to what extent was it a milestone for you?

Oh, this was indeed a massive milestone for us. Never in a million years did we dare to dream about performing on that stage. But, it's very exciting to know that a festival such as Tomorrowland is brave enough to try new things. And, we're pretty sure they enjoyed our set as well. ;) We did!


Last year you founded “Electric Fox” – how satisfied are you with the development of the label?

Electric Fox is doing fantastic. It's a great outlet for our own creative productions which we cannot release under Da Tweekaz, but we're also noticing a lot of other artists in that genre kind of getting a new flow of inspiration and we receive quite a lot of great tracks from a lot of artists in the genre. So, a steady flow of releases, which we're very happy about.


If you take a look at your career - what influence do the following persons have and how thankful are you: Koen Bauweraerts, Darren James Mew and Curt Mast?

Koen - well, he's been our buddy from day one and is one of the first people to believe in us and give us a platform for our music. We also love what he does on an off the stage and studio, so we'll always be grateful for what he has done for us.

Darren - we've been massive fans of Darren since our early days - even before we were DJ's. His sound design and what he does has also been a big inspiration for our own style and it's an absolute honour to work with him when we do our Tweekacore things as well as working alongside him as we help to run the Electric Fox Label.

Curt - well... never met him in person (for obvious reasons) but the mastermind behind Jagermeister.. well, we can only bow down and worship his creativeness for one of our favourite liquors. Probably the instigator of one of our most hideous hangovers, but he's always been on stage with us in bottle form for the past few years.